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Isa sa mga gustong gawin na kasama ka ay yung magpunta tayo sa iba’t ibang lugar. Gusto kong ma-experince na nakasakay tayong dalawa sa kotse tapos ikaw yung nagda-drive. Syempre kung may kasama man tayo sa pamamasyal, halimbawa kung kasama yung parents natin, dapat ako pa rin yung katabi mo. Mas masaya siguro kung sa madaling araw yung byahe. Hayaan mo, dadamayan kita nun. Hindi ko hahayaang makaramdam ka ng antok. Ako yung magsisilbing pampagana at pampagising mo, parang kape at gatas lang. Habang nagda-drive ka gusto kong tumitig sayo imbes na sa paligid ako tumingin. Kung gusto mo, kakantahan pa kita imbes na makinig tayo ng music. Hindi importante sakin kung saan tayo pupunta. Ang mahalaga, ikaw yung kasama mo kahit saan man tayo mapadpad. Gusto kong mapuntahan ang lahat ng yun na ikaw yung kasama ko.. na ikaw yung katabi ko.. na ikaw yung ka-holding hands ko. Dahil sa pagmamahalan nating dalawa sumisimbolo ang road trip, na kahit ano man ang pagdaanan.. kayang-kaya nating lagpasan yan ng magkasama.


Anonymous asked:

Vegas Skies. What does that song mean?


"Vegas skies is about a beautiful young girl named Logan Elizabeth.

I was in high school, and being the spontaneous little kid that I was, me and my buddy Matt decided to leave town. So we packed our bags and headed to Laguna. I know most of you probably associate Laguna Beach with the reality show with the over dramatic girls arguing over who kissed who and who’s nails were what color and when they were done. But to be honest..I find that painfully sad. Laguna is an incredibly beautiful little beach town; filled with character, history, and fun. Just when I thought the little beach town couldn’t be anymore beautiful…I met Logan. She was amazing. Amazing smile. Turquiose eyes. A laugh more memorable than any song I had ever heard. But there was a problem…she was with another guy. We talked..and I knew immediately that she was one of a kind. It broke my heart that she was taken…but I respected it and a few days later I left Laguna…with nothing but the memory of her. I never forgot about that smile. Not once.

When we talked in Laguna..she would tell me about how unhappy she was with everything. Her life..the cruel, pompous guy she was with, and may other things. I wanted to save her. I wanted to be there for her. My heart was broken into a million pieces when I found out she couldn’t be mine. But I stayed strong and never forgot about her. This girl made me laugh, smile, and smile some more. I felt like I was a better person having met her and spent a few days with her. Logan was my miracle, and I was determined to wait as long as it took, forever if I had to, to call her mine.

When things get hard for me…I write songs. This time was no different. I wrote the chorus first… I told myself that I would wait forever for her. I would wait until it was our time to be together…and I did wait. For a few years. That’s what the lyrics “I’ve only got forever and forever is fine.”

When you’re in love… Forever is nothing. To wait forever for love is no time at all..because when it finally does come, it is met with the most breathtaking feeling imaginable. If you haven’t felt what love and to be loved feels like..then you’re missing out on the best this world has to offer. So the words “I’ve only got forever, and forever is fine. Just take your time” were just saying that I would wait as long as it took to be with her. You can’t give up on love, because I promise love will never give up on you. It didn’t give up on me…

Years later I saw her again, and this time..we weren’t going to leave each other’s side. From there it was history. Waiting for love, had paid off and it made me the happiest boy in the entire world.

My favorite line is “You stole my eyes and I’ve never looked back.”  I think it captures how I felt in a perfect and honest manner. Because it is the truth..I haven’t looked back since the day I met her. “When we’re this young, we have nothing to lose..” is another line that means a lot to me. You can’t pass up oppurtunities when it comes to love, because you’ll regret it for the rest of you life. I have made many mistakes..but I learn from them and grow from them.

The bottom line of this song is that love is real. Everybody has the right to love and be loved. It IS possible to find true love and it IS possible to feel like a prince, or a princess. Afterall, she is mine. We live in a world where a lot of things go wrong…but where even more things go right. For every heart that breaks, two hearts are planted and waiting to find the sunlight and the water to grow. When things get down…keep your head up. I truly do believe in the fact that good things come to those who wait and are patient. I had to wait a very long time..but my world finally came to me and came together in the form of a single beautiful girl named Logan. I truly don’t know where or who I’d be without her.

Vegas Skies is simple. It’s a story of true love and patience. I know things get hard..and a lot of times it feels like the world is crashing down on you..but you need to reach down and pick up those pieces, grab some glue and put it back together. We determine our own destiny. Love came to me in the form of a lovely young lady named Logan…who knows in what form it will come to you in. Love me. Love yourself. Love those around you. It’s a lot easier to love that way. It is true that it takes many more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Don’t be afraid of falling in love. Don’t be afraid of love falling into you. But afraid of it NOT. Remember…it may take what seems like forever…but for love…

Forever is fine.”

-Alexander Michael


  • Ang cute siguro nung relasyong na walang masyadong away. Yung tampo lang meron. Yung kapag nagtampo yung isa lalambingin nung partner niya. Hindi yung puro pride yung pinapairal. Kapag galit yung isa, magagalit din yung isa. Yung tipo na, yung tampuhan na yun ang magiging key para mas lalong kayong mapalapit sa isa't isa. Ang saya siguro nun.

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